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Glitter Fit

Monday 7:30

It is time to get your crown on. 
Our routines are designed to be achievable and enjoyable by women of all levels of dance experience and fitness. 
The songs we use are chosen for either their upbeat rhythms, fun melodies, or empowering and inspiring lyrics.
Combining various dance disciplines, basic burlesque moves, exercise and aerobics styles, you are guaranteed to get your glitter on as you groove.


Monday 6:15

 This is our class for anyone wanting to learn more advanced choreography, the ways of Burlesque, the use of props such as boas, fans, coin belts, and chairs, and the art of performing.

The Crown On Showgirls get the chance to perform on stage as part of the Boombfunk Variety, In routines choreographed by Jai, the Showgirls learn the art of performance and if they are ready and willing, the chance to shine on stage.
In 2020, the Showgirls get the chance to be selected to be part of "The Spirit of Napier", in April, as well as the July Americana show, October's Halloween show, and other Boombfunk Christmas show.



We don’t take enough time in this chaotic world to focus on ourselves or on having moments of complete relaxation. At Centre & Stretch, we spend 45-50 minutes moving through a range of slow stretches and exercises while listening to quiet meditative music. These stretches and exercises work on all aspects of the body and can be done by any level of fitness. We then finish with 10-15 minutes of relaxation which concludes with some positive reinforcement and messages of empowerment. It’s the perfect way to work on body, mind, and soul, and focus on you for an hour a week!

Crown On Dance

Body Positive Dance and Empowerment

With routines that combine techniques from modern dance, jazz ballet, hip hop, belly dance, line dance, burlesque, neo-burlesque and musical theatre, each class will inspire, energise and encourage while we get on our glitter and groove.


It’s time to put on your crown and rule your life.

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